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This is kind of an embarrassing one. I'm sure I must be missing something obvious.

I have a Catalyst based website running in mod_perl.

There are two versions of the website, let's call them old and new (new was cloned from a remote git repo to the server, could that be causing the problem?)

The reason it doesn't work, seen in apache error logs, is that it can't find the custom perl modules in /path/to/new. It says it can't find them in @INC and that @INC contains /var/www and /var/www/whatever/lib/Module/etc which is correct

When I remove that symlink and re-link /path/to/old it works just fine.

If I do perl -I/path/to/new -MSome::Module::In::New there's no problem, it finds the module just fine.

I've checked permissions and made sure they're the same, or even less restrictive on the files in /path/to/new. The relative paths are all correct, as far as I can see my /path/to/old and /path/to/new directories are exactly the same, except that apache/mod_perl can see one and not the other.

This is on an Amazon EC2 running linux by the way.