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You have received really good answers already (points all round) so if you don't mind I'll just don my consulting hat for a moment and provide a different viewpoint.

You have a scalar variable $FIXED_STRING to which you assign a literal string once and never change it. Bonus points to you for choosing an appropriate name for your scalar! However, if this is a real indicator of your situation why not side-step the problem entirely by using a constant instead? In that case your block becomes:

{ use constant FIXED_STRING => 'fixed_string'; my %persistent; sub do_something { my $x = $_[0]; $persistent{$x}{FIXED_STRING} = rand; END { for my $k (keys %persistent) { print "$k: $persistent{$k}{FIXED_STRING}\n"; } } } }

and you do not need to worry about compile-time vs run-time or returning subs or any of that. This might be considered a work-around and that's just fine - sometimes a work-around is precisely what is required.

Update: Haarg has spotted the flaw here and supplied a fix in his reply (++).