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Has anyone been able to decipher the (surely profound) meaning behind this mysterious "reply to the wrong post" tactic?

The idea appears to be that if the intended target of his post doesn't get a "you've a reply" /msg, then it may take longer for them to reply to it.

And the longer the post goes without a response, the more likely it is to pick up a few stray upvotes from those that either don't actually read the posts they upvote, or are fooled by his "style" into believing he has something to contribute.

Do you think that the Perl foundation would fund giving this guy a commission (via an undisclosed third party), in order to discover just how little he knows?

MS are (finally) starting to fund the taking down of those "We're MS support and we've detected you've got a virus" scam companies. Maybe Perl should do a little housekeeping too.

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