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Re: Can unpack add zero bytes before converting?

by vr (Curate)
on Sep 13, 2021 at 11:19 UTC ( [id://11136710] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Can unpack add zero bytes before converting?

You can borrow missing (to count of 8) bytes from adjacent value and then throw them away with post-processing, applying a mask. Looks like it's faster to stay "numeric" at all stages if possible. The "unpack-pad-pack-unpack", (tybalt89's solution) is somewhere in the middle in terms of performance. Not that you said speed is the goal, but anyway:

use strict; use warnings; no warnings 'portable'; use Benchmark 'cmpthese'; my $bytes_per_value = 5; my $count = 1_000; my $value = 0xf_dead_beef_4; my $bin_value = substr (pack ('Q', $value), 0, $bytes_per_value); my $buffer = $bin_value x $count; my $fmt = sprintf "(b%d)*", $bytes_per_value << 3; my $pad_len = 8 - $bytes_per_value; my $mask = ~ 0 >> $pad_len * 8; cmpthese -1, { strings => sub { my @values = map { oct '0b'.reverse ($_)} unpack ($fmt, $buffer); return \@values; }, numbers => sub { my @values = unpack "(QX$pad_len)$count", $buffer . "\0" x $pad_len; $_ &= $mask for @values; return \@values; }, }; __END__ Rate strings numbers strings 2386/s -- -77% numbers 10274/s 331% --

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How does backing up several bytes work with unpack? (a bug?) (was: Re^2: Can unpack add zero bytes before converting?)
by vr (Curate) on Sep 13, 2021 at 20:40 UTC

    I had to explicitly include a count in template: "(QX$pad_len)$count", instead of simply "(QX$pad_len)*", because otherwise @values array would result in a very puzzling length of 2501 items instead of 1000 i.e. $count.

    I suspect there's special code somewhere to prevent ((un?)documented(?) case of) endless loops with '(CX)*' or '(vX2)*' or similar, but still:

    say for unpack '(VX2)*', "\1\1\1\1"; # why 2 items? say for unpack '(VX3)*', "\1\1\1\1"; 'X' outside of string in unpack # how's that?

    and why 2501 items with '(QX3)*' template to begin with?