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IndexedFaceSet to 3D lines in two lines of PDL

by etj (Chaplain)
on Apr 17, 2022 at 21:12 UTC ( #11143037=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I was digging through some bit-rotted PDL::Graphics::TriD stuff to finish/fix it, and looked at PDL::Graphics::TriD::Logo. It was intended to be used with the non-functional-right-now PDL VRML support, in particular VRML's IndexedFaceSet feature. It had 3D point coordinates, then triplets of indexes into those to describe triangles.

Gripped - nay, seized - by a desire to see what the logo looked like, I needed to turn that into something the current TriD code can show me. I knew line3d could take a set of 4-point tuples to draw triangles if the 4th point was the same as the 1st. But how to turn points+indexes into that?

I often say that in PDL, the "right" solution to problems involves slices and dimension-mangling. This was no exception!

use PDL::Graphics::TriD; use PDL::Graphics::TriD::Logo; $p = $PDL::Graphics::TriD::Logo::POINTS; # dims: xyz, i $i = $PDL::Graphics::TriD::Logo::FACES; # dims: i1to3, ntriangles # 1: duplicate 0-th index onto end of each vector completing triangle $i = $i->append($i->slice('0')); # change to i1to3to1 # 2: flatten indices, slice points with those, restore 4-tuples shape $tri = $p->slice(':',$i->clump(-1))->splitdim(1,$i->dim(0)); line3d($tri); # visualise
Coda: the logo is just "PDL" in a serif font, given "depth" as if in a stick of rock.

I'm intending to update the VRML support to:

  1. generalise that plus the OpenGL support of each specific thing (lines, points, etc) to go via an intermediate description to make this easy;
  2. work at all;
  3. switch it to use X3D;
  4. use that to generate updated 3d demos for the PDL website.
If anyone wants to help, please say so!

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Re: IndexedFaceSet to 3D lines in two lines of PDL
by etj (Chaplain) on Apr 17, 2022 at 22:23 UTC
    That last bit now suggests to me we need PDL::IO::TriD::VRML, PDL::IO::TriD::OpenGL1, PDL::IO::TriD::X3D, etc: the "intermediate format" I had in mind was tuples of ("thingtype", \@needed_pdls, \%options), where "thingtype" might be "line", "triangles", etc. Now it looks like we need functions in each of those packages like line, triangles, etc, which take e.g. line($suitable_handle, \@pdls, \%options).

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