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Do others think I should add the Module::Build recipe as well?

Thankfully, many modules that were originally built to use Module::Build, also provide a Makefile.PL. (One of those modules is Module::Build itself.)
I suppose there are still some modules that don't provide a Makefile.PL.

I guess the responsible thing to do would be to specify that the Module::Build mantra be used in those rare instances that a Makefile.PL is not provided.

I, however, would be tempted to provide a far more irresponsible (tongue-in-cheek) handling:

"If a Makefile.PL has not been provided then the module is not worth installing";
or (slightly less offensive):
"If a Makefile.PL has not been provided, file a bug report".

The former is, of course, not necessarily true - and the latter is probably little other than arrogant.
By way of explanation, I have always found Module::Build to be intensely annoying, and I try to avoid making any statements that might infer that the use (or even the mere existence) of that build process is valid or useful.