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Re^2: Efficient regex search on array table

by Polyglot (Chaplain)
on Dec 19, 2022 at 01:49 UTC ( #11148967=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Efficient regex search on array table
in thread Efficient regex search on array table

I'm responding again to this idea because your suggestion gained traction with me as I puzzled out a solution. I managed to eliminate the counters, as you suggested, and the code executes more efficiently now. Here's what that portion is now reduced to:
next if ( ($regex1) && ( (($accpyn1) && ($line1 !~ m/$regex1/o)) || (!($accpyn1) && ($line1 =~ m/$regex1/o)) ) ); next if ( ($regex2) && ( (($accpyn2) && ($line2 !~ m/$regex2/o)) || (!($accpyn2) && ($line2 =~ m/$regex2/o)) ) ); next if ( ($regex3) && ( (($accpyn3) && ($line3 !~ m/$regex3/o)) || (!($accpyn3) && ($line3 =~ m/$regex3/o)) ) ); next if ( ($regex4) && ( (($accpyn4) && ($line4 !~ m/$regex4/o)) || (!($accpyn4) && ($line4 =~ m/$regex4/o)) ) );
And with that logic, the counters became unnecessary. So thank you for the suggestion--it has been put to practical use.



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