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Re^3: How to portably stop processes?

by harangzsolt33 (Hermit)
on Apr 01, 2023 at 00:51 UTC ( #11151402=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: How to portably stop processes?
in thread How to portably stop processes?

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Re^4: How to portably stop processes?
by haj (Priest) on Apr 01, 2023 at 12:43 UTC
    All right, create a sub called "KillProc()" and then put an if statement in that sub. Execute block A if it's Linux, or execute block B if it's Windows. Portable. Done!

    Why should I bother? I already have a satisfactory solution with Proc::Background, and I wrote that I am happy with it. It's that simple. Why should I even consider to write the same logic myself?

Re^4: How to portably stop processes?
by LanX (Sage) on Apr 01, 2023 at 01:33 UTC
    > It's that simple!

    Brilliant and now please show us working code where taskkill can handle an ID you get from fork ...

    Cheers Rolf
    (addicted to the 𐍀𐌴𐍂𐌻 Programming Language :)
    Wikisyntax for the Monastery

    PS: yes, I downvoted you now.

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