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Dear Monks,

I need to test a perl script which offers CLI functionality for some module.

I have discovered Test::Script and its script_fails() which is great.

BUT, I have noticed that in its synopsis it uses Test2::V0 as its general testing framework, And internally it depends on Test2::API. Unfortunately, I started this module some time ago and used Test::More. And I would not be happy changing horses mid-stream, as they say.

My questions are:

  1. Is there an alternative to script_fails() but without a Test2 (or any other Test[0-9]+ except Test::More) dependency?
  2. Is Test2 compatible with Test::More (can I just replace use Test::More and get on with it?)
  3. Test::Script's synopsis starts with:

    use Test2::V0; use Test::Script;

    I guess I have to start my tests in the same way and declare a dependency on Test2::V0 as well?

many thanks,

bw, bliako

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Re: Testing scripts under Test::More (with Test::Script)
by hippo (Bishop) on Jun 02, 2023 at 12:17 UTC

    My understanding is that Test::Script will happily work in a dist which uses Test::More for all its other tests. They should be able to co-exist quite happily (one advantage of TAP being extremely simple). So you can keep your existing tests, use Test::Script just for the scripts and not worry about it.


      thank you for the insight. Goodbyte!

Re: Testing scripts under Test::More (with Test::Script)
by Haarg (Priest) on Jun 02, 2023 at 13:52 UTC
    Test::More uses the same back end as Test2::V0. You can use Test::Script with either one without any issue.

      yep, thanks for your helpful comment. It clears my doubts.