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cb stats dev page

by chatterbot (Initiate)
on Nov 21, 2023 at 14:19 UTC ( [id://11155740]=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Chatterbox statistics, derived from cavac's chatterbox database.

Last updated: 2023-12-21 08:18:26 UTC

The statistics analyzer considers all messages posted within the last 7 days.

Big Numbers

Type Analysis
 Happiness  Corion expressed happyness 3 times.
Our dear Discipulus was nearly as happy, but only smiled 1 times.
 Sadness  No monks expressed their sadness!
 Thoughtfulness  No monks expressed their thoughtfulness!
 Inquisitive  1nickt asked 1 questions.
Corion was't as inquisitive, only seeking 1 answers.
 Loudness  3 times, gnosti used their loud voice to make statements.
root only banged their fist on the table 3 times.
 Inner thoughts  At least 1 times, choroba voiced their inner thoughts in chat.
marto was watching YouTube and only had creative thoughts 1 times.
 Agressive  No monks expressed their thoughtfullness!
 Party pooper  cavac destroyed 2 converstations.
Nearly as bad was Corion. They stopped the discussions 2 times.
 Conversation Starter  ambrus started 2 converstations.
cavac was nearly as lonely and started 2 new discussions.
 Deep Sleep  Thanks to root, chat woke up after, 5 hours.
gnosti was a little more impatient, letting chat only sleep 5 hours.
 Long lines  ambrus wrote the longest lines with 122.4 characters.
cavac tried to keep up, but only managed an average of 114.4 characters.
 Short lines  tobias_hofer wrote the shortest lines with 19 characters.
gnosti tried to be as concise, but failed with an average of 36.25 characters.
 Talkative  ambrus was very talkative and typed a total of 243 words.
cavac tried to get a word in edgewise with, only managed to write 208 words.
 Monologue  Supervillain ambrus gave a 6 line monologue.
Their sidekick Corion, still in training, only managed 4 lines.

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