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Re: Strange errors in CPAN modules when running on Windows 8.1

by Anonymous Monk
on May 21, 2015 at 02:03 UTC ( [id://1127296]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Strange errors in CPAN modules when running on Windows 8.1

Which seems odd, considering that that module is not doing anything fancy - just a bit of socket reading.

Why? Its just a regular everyday most common of warnings Use of uninitialized value

Apart from the fact that serial communications arent working, the "uninitialized value" error seems out-of place for such a popular module.

Why? You can give "uninitialized value" to pretty much everything, its very basic

Also, for "such a popular module" it hasn't been updated since 2010

2010 is when perl 5.12 came out. since then we've had 5.14, 5.16, 5.18, and 5.20, and 5.22 is about to be released

The module uses strict+warnings, and new versions of perl can introduce new warnings


perldeltas.html#p5220-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5219-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5218-New_Diagnostics perldeltas.html#p5218-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5218-New_Errors perldeltas.html#p5216-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5214-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5213-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5212-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5211-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5200-%24a_and_%24b_warnings_exemption perldeltas.html#p5200-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5180-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5160-New_Errors perldeltas.html#p5160-New_Warnings perldeltas.html#p5160-Warnings%2C_%22Uninitialized%22 perldeltas.html#p5214-New_Warnings

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