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I'm trying to create a standalone Windows executable with a Perl script which has successfully run using PerlApp when using the run library obtained from my PC. It will not, however, work when I do not use the run library. It gets hung up because it is looking for Unix.dll, "warn: auto\File\Spec\Unix\Unix.dll not found". I do not have that folder. How can I create it or should I download it ? I'm trying to run the program on Windows so I don't know why it needs to refer to Unix.dll anyway ? I am using ActiveState Perl 5.20 with PerlApp 9.4. Thanks.

File\Spec\ warn: auto\File\Spec\Unix\Unix.dll not found refby: perlapp --add refby: line 6 refby: L:\Perl64\site\lib\File\Spec\ line 40 refby: L:\Perl64\site\lib\File\Spec\ line 6 file: L:\Perl64\site\lib\File\Spec\