OPPC is a project whose overall focus is bringing Perl to the next generation by developing and providing a completely libre curriculum, geared toward the young, for use in schools, homes, and other institutions. It's just a brainchild right now (pun possibly intended), but it has already have garnered international interest.

OPPC is the creation of the members of (the Dallas/Ft Worth Perl Mongers). We are meeting tonight (in about 1 hour) for the purpose of discussing this project. We invite all to attend. We'll be meeting at our usual time and location, and inviting online participation as well. If you'd like to join us this evening, please join our non-commercial mailing list where we will post a link to the online hangout. Refer to the above link for details on the mailing list and in-person meeting attendance.

The default online participation medium is a non-interactive live video stream via google+ and youtube, BUT if you would like to be part of the meeting proper and join the online hangout to personally interact with us, please send your google ID to dfw.perlmongers at gmail dotcom, and you'll receive an invitation when we begin. Please first install the hangouts app on your mobile device or workstation in advance; see Additionally I'll be logged into on the #dfwpm channel, taking questions.

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