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Hello Perl300,

Since you are running *nix, I'll comment on what I do.

Typically, I have at least 3 or 4 Perls on any *nix boxes that I am the admin for. I use the '/usr/local/bin/' to have a symbolic link to the 'non-system' Perl, which I usually install in '/usr/opt/'. Today, I never touch the system Perl and all updates come from the OS update mechanism.

So let's do an example:

If you want to use 'cpan' on the command line, then do a link to the specific one ( ie, mycpan ). I find it easier to
    myperl -MCPAN -e 'install "..."'

Note 1: I've found problems with Perls that are not owned by root. YMMV.

Note 2: I usually have 2 Perls for each version, 1 with threads and 1 without. On the *nixes I use, threads has a lot of overhead.


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