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I find that most insightful, and helpful. What I'm seeing here basically is that it's quite easy to 'break' strings. I haven't ever really tried, but I can see that if someone were to deliberately (or inadvertently) work such chicanery with text, it would probably break the 'protections' I've hoped to achieve with syswrite().

With regard to the idea of your possible assistance in documenting these specific Perl behaviors (once understood/clarified), you probably doesn't need to do so with significant stipulations for linguistic mistakes when you use words like "orthographic" in reference to your own literary introspection ;-) I.E.- you good, bro.

It would be a worthwhile undertaking, because I can't hope to successfully design working software implementations over undocumented behavior. I have some somewhat-pressing software deployments in the pipeline that are going to hinge on a firm understanding of these undocumented things.

A mistake can be valuable or costly, depending on how faithfully you pursue correction
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