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Re: UBB Ultimate Bulletin Board

by czarfred (Beadle)
on Oct 04, 2001 at 06:19 UTC ( #116625=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to UBB Ultimate Bulletin Board

Doing a google search for UBB perl, I found this site, where you might be able to find specific help.

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Re: Re: UBB Ultimate Bulletin Board
by LeGo (Chaplain) on Oct 04, 2001 at 06:37 UTC
    I have tried that site and I have also tried the forum on UBB's site. I did not ask on those sites, yet, hoping that Perl Monks could help first. I will try them soon though if no one here at Perl Monks has done anything like this. I have tried that site though and others from a google search, and cpan, and others to no avial.


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