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Think about Loose Coupling


by harangzsolt33 (Friar)
on Jun 25, 2016 at 18:17 UTC ( #1166559=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The very first programming language I learned was QBASIC when I was 12 years old. Then I was taught C and x86 assembly. Later I got into JavaS‎crip‎t/HTML/CSS, and in May of 2016 I started learning Perl. I got curious and decided it's time to learn something new! :-) My job is construction/real estate. It has nothing to do with programming, so computer programming is strictly a hobby for me. It's something that I find very relaxing. Some people like to solve crossword puzzles. I like to write programs. It's that simple.

Here are some of my perl functions that I have written and may use quite often (see source code on my Scratchpad):

  • Trim()
  • CollapseWhitespace()
  • ENV()
  • escape()
  • unescape()
  • RandomString()
  • SpitBMP()
  • JoinPath()
  • GetPath()
  • Checksum()
  • CRC()
  • SwapNum()
  • Hex2Bin()
  • HEX()
  • FMOD()
  • Ceil()
  • Floor()

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