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Re: RFC: Compiling Gtk+ stack on windows with strawberry perl

by vkon (Curate)
on Jun 30, 2016 at 19:14 UTC ( #1166949=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Compiling Gtk+ stack on windows with strawberry perl

you rock :)
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Re^2: RFC: Compiling Gtk+ stack on windows with strawberry perl
by mtl3 (Novice) on Sep 23, 2017 at 11:20 UTC

    So far, I've been able to answer my perl questions without even posting thanks to the Monks' wisdom, but this gtk+ installation problem remains clueless to me despite the kind post of frazap to share his experience (thanks!). So here I go.

    First, I'm running Strawberry Perl (64-bit) and my gtk+ version is 2.24.10.

    I followed the recipe up until launching the perl commands. Eg.

    c:\strawberry_perl\cpan\build\Cairo-1.106-0>echo %PKG_CONFIG_PATH%

    C:\strawberry_perl\c\lib\pkgconfig ; C:\Program Files\gtk+\lib\pkgconfig

    c:\strawberry_perl\cpan\build\Cairo-1.106-0>echo %PATH%


    Starting with Cairo: launch the perl command > fine.

    Running dmake: Strawberry complains that I should no longer use dmake but gmake. Fair enough, launch gamke instead and get “undefined reference” errors. Your help and wisdom would be greatly appreciated.



      Greetings, mtl3 and welcome to the monastery.

      The following instructions provide another way to install Perl-Gtk2 on the Windows platform. See, FAQ question #4.

      I tested on fresh Strawberry Perl installations v5.22.3.1, v5.24.2.1, and v5.26.0.2. During the Gtk2 installation, a new window may appear asking if you want to move the themes directory. If so, wait for the installation to finish before answering the question.

      The ppm_req script, mentioned in FAQ #4, is found here.

      > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion Installing package 'PPM-Sisyphusion'... Bytes transferred: 496247 Installing C:\perl-\perl\site\lib\PPM\ Installing C:\perl-\perl\bin\lib530pthread-1.dll Installing C:\perl-\perl\bin\libgcc_sis__530.dll Installing C:\perl-\perl\bin\libstdc_530.dll > perl ppm_req Gtk2 # <-- provides a list of ppm commands to run > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Cairo_font > ppm install Cairo > ppm install Gtk2 The following dependencies are installed automatically. > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Pango_dll > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Glib_dll > ppm install Glib > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Gtk2_dll > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Gtk2_theme > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion::Cairo_dll > ppm install Pango

      Tk may be installed similarly, via PPM under Strawberry Perl v5.22.3.1, but not later Perl releases at this time. Trying will not hurt and simply emit a message stating not yet available.

      > ppm install PPM::Sisyphusion # <-- skip if already done > ppm install Tk > ppm install Tk::Zinc

      The list of Sisyphusion packages is found here.

      Regards, Mario

        This worked a treat!!!

        Many thanks for your fast, efficient... and wise answer.


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