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SSL connect error

by lmocsi (Novice)
on Nov 22, 2016 at 12:52 UTC ( #1176330=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

lmocsi has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hi there,

I've written a Perl code to get Foursquare data through its API. The code works fine for about a day or two. Then it starts throwing the following error:

error while setting up ssl connection (SSL connect attempt failed error:1409C041:SSL routines:ssl3_setup_read_buffer:malloc failure)

use strict; use LWP::UserAgent; use Data::Dumper qw(Dumper); use JSON; use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex); use IO::Handle qw( ); # For flush my $basedir = 'c:/somedir/'; my $outfile = $basedir.'fs_out_2.txt'; my $last_lat_file = $basedir.'_last_lat.cfg'; my $errorfile = $basedir.'fs_error.txt'; my $client_id = 'xxx'; my $client_secret = 'yyy'; my ($lat,$lng,$decoded,$req,$qurl,$inp,$out,$out2,$s,$i,$j,$content, +$response,$remaining,$total,$pct,$id,$name,$sw,$ne,$start_lat); my $user = 'user'; my $pass = 'psw'; my $lat_min = 11.1; my $lat_max = 12.1; my $lng_min = 23.4; my $lng_max = 24.4; my $geo_inc = .001; my $limit = 50; my $v = '20160901'; my $sep = "\t"; my @venues=(); print 'Started: '.(localtime)."\n"; my $url = ''; $url .= "client_id=$client_id"; $url .= "&client_secret=$client_secret"; $url .= "&v=$v"; $url .= "&limit=$limit"; $url .= "&intent=browse"; if(-e $last_lat_file){ open($inp,"$last_lat_file") or die "Cannot read $last_lat_file: $ +!\n"; chomp($content=<$inp>); $start_lat = $content; close $inp; }else{ $start_lat = $lat_min; } if(-e $outfile){ open($out,">>:encoding(utf8)", $outfile) or die "Cannot write to +$outfile: $!\n"; }else{ open($out,">:encoding(utf8)", $outfile) || die "Cannot write to $ +outfile: $!\n"; print $out 'id'.$sep.'name'.$sep.'olat'.$sep.'olng'.$sep.'lat'.$s +ep.'lng'.$sep.'country'.$sep.'city'.$sep.'distance'.$sep.'checkinsCou +nt'.$sep.'usersCount'.$sep.'cat_shortName'."\n"; }; my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new( agent => 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:42.0) Gecko/ +20100101 Firefox/42.0' ); $ua->proxy('http', 'http://'.$user.':'.$pass.'@my.proxy.server:8080/ +'); $ua->proxy('https', 'connect://'.$user.':'.$pass.'@my.proxy.server:8 +080/'); for ($lat = $start_lat; $lat <= $lat_max; $lat += $geo_inc){ $pct = round(100*($lat-$lat_min)/($lat_max-$lat_min),2); print "$pct% ".(localtime)."\n"; $out->flush(); open($out2,">$last_lat_file") or die "Cannot write to $last_lat_ +file: $!\n"; print $out2 $lat; close $out2; for ($lng = $lng_min; $lng <= $lng_max; $lng += $geo_inc){ $qurl = $url."&sw=$lat,$lng&ne=".($lat+$geo_inc).",".($lng+$g +eo_inc); $req = HTTP::Request->new(GET => $qurl); $req->header(Accept => "text/html,application/xhtml+xml,appli +cation/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8", Accept_Language => "en-US,en;q=0.5", Connection => "keep-alive" ); # get response $response = $ua->request($req); $remaining = $response->{'_headers'}{'x-ratelimit-remaining'} +; if($remaining == 0){ print 'Sleeping for 5 mins: '.(localtime); if($response->{_rc} ne '200'){ print "; ".$response->{_msg}."\n"; open($out2,">$errorfile") or die "Cannot write to $erro +rfile: $!\n"; print $out2 Dumper $response; close $out2; }else{ print ", srv: ".substr($response->{'_headers'}{'date'}, +5)."\n"; } $out->flush(); sleep 5*60; redo; } # get content of response $content = $response->content(); $decoded = decode_json($content); @venues = @{ $decoded->{'response'}{'venues'}}; foreach $s ( @venues ) { $name = $s->{'name'}; $name =~ s/\t/ /g; if(length(trim($s->{'id'})) > 0){ $id = trim($s->{'id'}); }else{ $id = md5_hex($name,$s->{'location'}{'lat'},$s->{'locat +ion'}{'lng'}); } print $out $id.$sep; print $out $name.$sep; print $out $lat.$sep; print $out $lng.$sep; print $out $s->{'location'}{'lat'}.$sep; print $out $s->{'location'}{'lng'}.$sep; print $out $s->{'location'}{'country'}.$sep; print $out $s->{'location'}{'city'}.$sep; print $out $s->{'location'}{'distance'}.$sep; print $out $s->{'stats'}{'checkinsCount'}.$sep; print $out $s->{'stats'}{'usersCount'}.$sep; print $out $s->{'categories'}[0]{'shortName'}."\n"; } } } close $out; unlink $last_lat_file; print 'Finished: '.(localtime)."\n"; sub trim{ my $s = shift @_; $s =~ s/^\s+|\s+$//g; return($s); } sub round{ my $val = shift; my $num = shift; return(int(10**$num*$val+.5)/10**$num); }

Perl: 5.22.1 (Strawberry Perl) Win32 version on 64 bit Win7
LWP: 6.15
LWP::Protocol::connect: 6.09

Any idea what might cause the error?

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Re: SSL connect error
by hippo (Bishop) on Nov 22, 2016 at 13:50 UTC
    ssl3_setup_read_buffer:malloc failure
    Any idea what might cause the error?

    Insufficient memory available. Your code probably has a memory leak.

      You must be right, checking by task manager I see ever increasing memory usage.
      I've included the code. But where is it leaking?

        Hello lmocsi,

        Maybe some monk will be able to find the memory leak analytically (by examining your code).

        But in the meantime I recommend you experiment with a CPAN module such as Test::LeakTrace to find the leak empirically (or at least narrow down the search area).

        Hope that helps,

        Athanasius <°(((><contra mundum Iustus alius egestas vitae, eros Piratica,

Re: SSL connect error
by stevieb (Canon) on Nov 22, 2016 at 13:00 UTC
    "Any idea what might cause the error?"

    Not without any code. Please update your question and paste a minimal example that demonstrates the issue.

Re: SSL connect error
by Marshall (Canon) on Nov 25, 2016 at 19:47 UTC
    Yes, this does look like a symptom of a memory leak.

    I am certainly no expert on the modules that you are using. When looking at your code, I looked for obvious memory allocations with a loop. I see:

    $req = HTTP::Request->new(GET => $qurl); $req->header(Accept => "text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xm +l;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8", Accept_Language => "en-US,en;q=0.5", Connection => "keep-alive" );
    I'm not sure why a new object needs to be created here instead of re-using the same object with a new uri? If some param like maybe "keep-alive" causes the object to remain in use, then I suppose this could cause a memory leak?

    Anyway, just a thought about something that looks suspicious to me.

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