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I use the perl debugger a lot as a calculator, say when I'm doing exercises on Khan Academy. In my linux/ubuntu perl 5.22.1 environment, I can edit my debugger command line history using all the familiar (to me) vim commands, like cw to change the word "sin" to "cos", and . to change another instance in the same way. I recently went on the road with a MacBook, and found that editing the command line history didn't work there. I went so far as to install a new gcc compiler so I could build a new perl, and I installed Term::ReadLine::Perl, Term::ReadLine::Gnu and Term::ReadKey from CPAN. That gave me basic command line editing capabilities, but not the vim commands. I have no recollection of doing anything exotic to get vim and the debugger to play nice on linux, but I haven't turned up anything for how to do so in the OSX world. Suggestions (other than "use a different editor, Stupid") would be much appreciated.