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Well, the first list looks like a time waster :) all those things were rejected many times or go against the "ethos" (or whatever)

A complete rewrite is also pretty much a time waster as it wont attract any young blood, and chances of it being deployed are less than zero

I call nonsense

Can clowns or clownishness be taken seriously?

The OP is a clown with clownish nonsense

The "management" are also clowns, but not total clownshoes (they suck at interfacing with the userbase, but have a wise leader who doesn't break things all the way )

Also all the trollsuckers that took the bait and tried to "seriously" rehash same old tired ideas are clowns -- great strategy, say lets change, do nothing about it, and watch the clowns jack each other off

Oh we need a list, oh we need change, or blah blah blah boring nonsense , rehash ( Re^8: Update the GUI (What we want?) )

people have been calling for change since forever, the premise is always start from scratch, improve trivial cosmetics, fail to convince management, repeat

tobyinks work ( PerlMonks meets Twitter Bootstrap ) has been a clear standout but still only skin deep (its skinnable)

truth is theres not much to perlmonks/everything, and not mucn point on working on code that will never be deployed and talking about it is boring; but in response to OP? Troll suckers!

everything isnt as terrible as its made out to be, but there is not much to this place, a database table, a fe] templates ...

the really real problem is not that still so ugly and outdated it is that perl is dead and dying, new blood will continue to trickle in, updating the code/look will change nothing, so stop talking about shit and do stuff, don't wait on the management, don't try to "organize" like you have a damn clue, write code if you know how to , share code, and STFU about it

migrate the historical database? Can you say busywork for dummies? Let the google cache (or corion cache) take care of the historical database ... its stupid ideas like this, just pile up loads of pointless busy work with zero benefits

STFU and start writing code

Here I'll start

#!/usr/bin/perl -- use Mojolicious::Lite; any '/error' => sub { shift()->render_exception }; get '/' => sub { my( $c ) = @_; return $c->render( 'gates', layout => 'green', ## get usersetting... yada yada time => time(), ); }; get '/login' => sub { shift->render('login', time => time(), ) }; post '/login' => sub { my( $c ) = @_; return $c->redirect_to( '/' ); }; get '/userconfig' => sub { shift->render('userconfig', time => time(), + ) }; get '/node/:node' => sub { shift->render('node', time => time(), ) }; get '/preview' => sub { shift->render('preview', time => time(), ) +}; websocket '/chatterbox' => \&chatterbox; app->secrets([ time().' is now and I got my mojo working']); app->start; __DATA__ @@ bytes64.txt 0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz @@ layouts/default.html.ep <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title><%= title =%></title> </head> <body> <%= content =%> <hr> Its <%= $time =%> </body> </head> </html> @@ layouts/green.html.ep <!DOCTYPE html> <title><%= title =%></title> <body bgcolor="green"> <%= content =%> @@ gates.html.ep % title "$time is now at the gates"; Frontpaged nodes go here

Run this on localhost, tweak the way you like, route everything to perlmonks eventually (lwpmechanizebridge), repeat, post what you have

First step might be inline this work correctly into your local mojo interface to perlmonks, and share that, maybe on perlmonks or in a public gist, and keep tweaking it, and keep tweaking it, and keep tweaking

Second might be inline the html preview so the rendering is done in mojo and it doesn't take a round trip to perlmonks to get the basics

Third might work on the WYSYWYG editor (the bootstrap should have something)

Fourt would be get the websocket chatterbox working, should be "easy" with a few simple jquery hooks, lots of examples around Mojolicious::Lite +and jQuery +AJAX + Mojo::Template, Mojolicious, layouts and content generating., Re: Functionality to automatically insert <readmore> tags into long posts? (naturally)..Everything::tagApprove..framechat ....

So there you have it, settle on route layout, make the stubs, improve, improve, improve, improve ...

If the gods like it , let them put it under, switch the lwpmechanize bridge for appropriate api calls

If they dont like it, run it locally yourself, tweak it locally yourself ... add database backend instead of lwpmechanizebridge and make your own perlmonks, invite everybody

stop talking about it start already, that is all there is to it