in reply to LOCK TABLES using Perl in MySQL

Well, I made this great little application that writes to and updates a table in MySQL, but now I have more than one user making updates, and while I feel that the chance of a corruption is slim, I want to be able to lock the table for all other users(threads), write the information to the DB, then unlock the tables.

I am using DBD::mysql.

If you're just starting the design from scratch, it's probably easier to switch to PostgreSQL and get real transactions, and a lot more flexibility besides. Faster, Better, Cheaper. Pick all three.

For your application, there'd be no locking out other users while you're updating your values. Just a simple $dbh->begin_work, do your job, and then $dbh->commit. You could scribble all over many tables, and yet the other readers (not blocked) see the database just as if you didn't exist yet.

Real transactions are cool. Upgrade to PostgreSQL. MySQL is now pale in comparison.

-- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker