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Re: basic login

by Your Mother (Archbishop)
on Apr 14, 2017 at 17:30 UTC ( #1187948=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to basic login

What you are asking for is by definition a session. There are quite a few ways to achieve it, including using URL parameters instead of cookies. All the Perl webframeworks support sessions easily out of the box but the frameworks themselves have big to huge learning curves. So CGI::Session is probably the easiest way to do it.

If I have time later I'll post a file storage (not a DB) mini-version because the docs are a little hard to follow if you don't already understand all the moving parts.

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Re^2: basic login
by huck (Prior) on Apr 14, 2017 at 21:19 UTC

    Here is my try at an example

    #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; select STDOUT; $| = 1; my $session_dir='/home/huck/monks-sessions'; # must exist and be wr +iteable by www userid my $expires='+1m'; # '+7d' '+1h' ; my $cookieexpires=$expires; use CGI; use CGI::Session; use CGI::Cookie; my $session; my $notloggedin=''; my $cookies; my %passwords=(admin=>'admin',huck=>'huck'); my $cgi = CGI->new; my $tssid = $cgi->cookie('TSSID'); my $timelast; unless ($tssid){ my $userid =$cgi->param('userid'); my $password=$cgi->param('password'); $userid='' unless ($userid); $password='' unless ($password); unless ( $userid) {$notloggedin='Ple +ase Login';} elsif (! $passwords{$userid}) {$notloggedin='Bad + Userid';} elsif ($password ne $passwords{$userid}) {$notloggedin='Bad + Password';} else { $session = CGI::Session->new(undef, undef, {Directory=>$sess +ion_dir}); $cookies = [CGI::Cookie->new(-name => 'TSSID', -value => $session->id, -expires => $cookieexpires )]; $session->expires($expires); $session->param('user_id',$userid); $session->param('timein' , time); $session->param('timelast', time); $timelast=time; $session->flush(); } # ok } # no tssid else { $session = CGI::Session->load(undef, $tssid, {Directory=>$sessio +n_dir}); if ( $session->is_expired ) { $notloggedin='login expired ' ; $session->delete(); $session->flush(); } elsif ( $session->is_empty ) { $notloggedin='login not found'; +} else { $cookies = [CGI::Cookie->new(-name => 'TSSID', -value => $session->id, -expires => $cookieexpires )]; $timelast=$session->param('timelast'); $session->param('timelast', time); $session->flush(); } } if ($notloggedin){ $cookies = [$cgi->cookie(TSSID => '')]; print $cgi->header(-cookie=>$cookies); print '<html><head><title>Must login</title></head><body>'."\n"; + print '<h1>Must login</h1>'."\n"; print '<h3>'.$notloggedin.'</h3>'."\n"; print '<form method="POST">'."\n"; print 'Userid:<input type="text" name="userid">'."\n"; print ' Password:<input type="text" name="password">'."\n"; print '<input type="submit" value="Login">'."\n"; print '</form>'."\n"; } else { if ($cookies) {print $cgi->header(-cookie=>$cookies); } else { print $cgi->header(); } print '#html content after seccessfully login'; print '<br>hi '.$session->param('user_id'); print ' loggedin for '.(time-$session->param('timein')).' second +s'; print ' last seen '.(time-$timelast).' seconds ago'; } print '</body></html>'; CGI::Session->find(undef ,sub {} ,{Directory=>$session_dir}); # clea +n expired sessions

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