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I'm sure I'm going to get downvoted for this, but hey, it's my opinion, and it's not like I'm really going to lose much sleep over XP.

Congratulations to the last person who voted this simple request down. I've had it with the trolls, votebots, and general decline of civilization of PM. I'm outta here.

jcwren, your node has a reputation of 109. That's quite a lot. I mean, it's higher than most people's nodes have ever reached, certainly mine. Why are you getting so upset over people downvoting you? That's their opinion, and they're allowed it. It's what the whole freedom of speech thing in the US constitution is about - people disagreeing with others, and being allowed to do so. If people vote your node down, it's because they think you deserve -- XP, and that's their choice. Why can't you just accept that, and move on in life? There's no mechanism in perlmonks for people to say why they downvoted, so you'll never know why people did (unless they own up), but does it really matter? Why do you care so much?