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What do you get if you run  ldd -v on each machine? (par/par/native)

I think that error might really mean that some other library couldn't be found ( Assuming the PAR filters you're using arent mixing things up )

Global symbols?? What global symbols? :)

$ nm -g IO.dll nm: IO.dll: no symbols $ objdump -t IO.dll IO.dll: file format pei-i386 SYMBOL TABLE: no symbols $ objdump -T IO.dll IO.dll: file format pei-i386 objdump: IO.dll: not a dynamic object DYNAMIC SYMBOL TABLE: no symbols $ objdump -x IO.dll |grep -B22 boot_ There is an export table in .edata at 0x674c7000 The Export Tables (interpreted .edata section contents) Export Flags 0 Time/Date stamp 507ac67e Major/Minor 0/0 Name 00007028 dll.exp.dll Ordinal Base 1 Number in: Export Address Table 00000002 [Name Pointer/Ordinal] Table 00000002 Table Addresses Export Address Table 00007034 Name Pointer Table 0000703c Ordinal Table 00007044 Export Address Table -- Ordinal Base 1 [ 0] +base[ 1] 2670 Export RVA [ 1] +base[ 2] 2670 Export RVA [Ordinal/Name Pointer] Table [ 1] _boot_IO [ 0] boot_IO

$ objdump -x IO.dll ... The Import Tables (interpreted .idata section contents) vma: Hint Time Forward DLL First Table Stamp Chain Name Thunk 00008000 00008050 00000000 00000000 000088e4 00008198 DLL Name: perl516.dll vma: Hint/Ord Member-Name Bound-To 82e0 4 PL_check 82ec 51 PL_ppaddr 82f8 132 PerlIO_getpos ... DLL Name: KERNEL32.dll DLL Name: msvcrt.dll