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World peace can best be achieved by:

by chacham (Prior)
on May 01, 2018 at 14:38 UTC ( #1213890=poll: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Throwing nuclear weapons into the sun
[bar] 14/6%
Making everybody on Earth disappear
[bar] 109/50%
A threat from an alien with a mighty robot
[bar] 26/12%
A new technology or communications medium
[bar] 8/4%
Providing a magic fish to a Miss Universe
[bar] 29/13%
Establishing a Group mind
[bar] 31/14%
217 total votes
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Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by Gavin (Archbishop) on May 01, 2018 at 17:16 UTC
    Make joining Perl Monks compulsory.
Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by shmem (Chancellor) on May 02, 2018 at 07:43 UTC

    As long as the duality between war and peace exists, there will war, there will be peace. Once both concepts become meaningless, there will be no war, and peace as absence of war not either. To reach that end, what war feeds upon, and what it produces, must be eliminated. Therefore:

    Eliminating fear.

    I suspect that this is too big a job for the existing humanity.

    perl -le'print map{pack c,($-++?1:13)+ord}split//,ESEL'

      Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

        So the path into the other direction is love. Alas, that has been discredited by the slogan make love, not war which is just plain nonsense. Love obviously cannot be manufactured, and so this slogan promotes the colloquial meaning of 'making love'.

        The final goal of love is to get concious of itself, in every conciousness, which leaves no place for fear.

        update: γνῶθι σαυτόν - thanks, Discipulus.

        perl -le'print map{pack c,($-++?1:13)+ord}split//,ESEL'

        Like this quote, I do. Much wisdom Yoda has. :-)

        Just another Perl hooker - My clients appreciate that I keep my code clean but my comments dirty.

        Hate leads to suffering.

        Suffering leads to succotash. Succotash leads to impossible screaming. Impossible screaming leads to killing everyone with an ice stalacite.

        In case this is hard to remember, i composed a simple rhyme:

        When nothing helps, there is fear,
        And to darkness you are nursed.
        Now all things seem very clear,
        Except for who shot first.

        Now you are without the light,
        And the anger starts to burn.
        Yoda's lightening out of sight,
        And now it is your turn.

        As you anger and let it go,
        (And wonder what Disney meant)
        You go and kill your every foe
        With hatred so Hell bent.

        As it all flows through your soul,
        Making others suffer.
        A lispy cat drinks from his bowl,
        And you have beans for supper.

        That's all until a misunderstood AI,
        Wakes you from your dream.
        You kill your friends and watch them die,
        And then you'll want to scream.

        Immortality is not worth the price,
        If you really cannot sob.
        After killing everyone with picks of ice,
        You're now just a gelatinous blob

        I hope that clears it up for you.

Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by fishy (Friar) on May 02, 2018 at 12:32 UTC

    Getting help from the outside!

Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by perldigious (Priest) on May 08, 2018 at 17:17 UTC

    I'm disappointed in some of the responses here. Far too pessimistic and nihilistic for my taste. The bad things about humanity (and there are plenty, major historical setbacks like wars, the dark ages, genocides, etc.) are balanced by good things (family, friends, science, technology, art, music, the constant long timescale trend of reduction of suffering... PerlMonks!). I'm not particularly religious myself, but it's the classic dichotomy of good vs. evil if you will.

    Besides that, it took human intelligence developing to the point it has to understand well enough to even ask the big questions. The whole "humans are the problem, if we didn't exist everything would be great" notion is self contradictory, if there were no human intelligence around there would be nobody to even ask the big questions, let along make the assessment between what's "good" and what's "bad", it's a paradox of higher-order consciousness and self awareness. You can always find bad things in the world if you go looking, often truly awful, terrible things like war, disease, famine, etc. If you focus on those things (like the news unfortunately tends to) the world can look pretty grim, and it's easy to get mired in that outlook, but if you step back and look at it on a grander scale over a long period of time, the general trend of good things is increasing and the general trend of bad things is decreasing. More so now than ever!

    But to answer the question of the poll itself, World Peace can most likely be achieved by humanity continuing to progress, little by little, year on year, despite all the stumbles and occasional backtracking along the way, just like we always have. With that in mind, and "other" not being an option, I didn't even vote.

    Seriously, things are going great, and they're only getting better. But don't take my word for it...

    All the metrics, charts, and studies in the book tell a promising (and very grounded in reality) tale. If you constantly feel pessimistic about the world and you use Twitter, my first recommendation would be to stop using Twitter (I kid, I kid... well, I partly kid anyway), but short of that at least add that last one to your feed. :-)

    Just another Perl hooker - My clients appreciate that I keep my code clean but my comments dirty.
Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by stevieb (Canon) on May 01, 2018 at 17:37 UTC

    Eradicating the human species in its entirety, going back to when ecosystems were balanced and self-maintainable/sustainable.

      Exactly, as Douglas Adams put it “Many were increasingly of the opinion that they'd all made a big mistake coming down from the trees in the first place, and some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no-one should ever have left the oceans.” :)
      Eradicating the human species in its entirety

      The current best way to do this is dispatching a global thermonuclear war. I'm not convinced.

      perl -le'print map{pack c,($-++?1:13)+ord}split//,ESEL'

      Or so you think ecosystems were balanced and self-maintainable/sustainable?

      That is like claiming that native americans were peace loving and respected the environment before evil white men came on the scene

Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by shmem (Chancellor) on May 10, 2018 at 21:37 UTC
    Making everybody on Earth disappear

    This option with the most votes up to now strikes me as being the silliest of them all, since everybody disappears from earth, sooner or later - just not at the same time. Is peace then a problem of disappearance synchronisation? or else?

    perl -le'print map{pack c,($-++?1:13)+ord}split//,ESEL'
Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by LanX (Sage) on May 02, 2018 at 08:48 UTC

      Education without thought control.

      Sex with love.

      Education and global sex!
      I'm pretty sure we've already done a good job of fucking the planet. And no world peace yet. Still, maybe Alberta can teach us a thing or two yet?

      Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of

      Education, agreed. What kind of? And in what way is sex not global yet? should asexual reproduction be prohibited for all plants and animals?

      Thinking again... oh. You are trolling. Nice job, I fell for it ;-)

      perl -le'print map{pack c,($-++?1:13)+ord}split//,ESEL'
Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by hdb (Monsignor) on May 03, 2018 at 07:16 UTC

    Define "world".

    Define "peace".

Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by BillKSmith (Monsignor) on May 03, 2018 at 15:39 UTC
    Tough question. "Making everybody on earth disappear" seems to be the only option with a reasonable chance of success. However, from a human's point of view, any of the others would result in a 'better' peace if they did in fact succeed. I choose not to vote.
Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by aartist (Pilgrim) on May 22, 2018 at 15:03 UTC
    We should have a machine learning approach based on experiences and establish the items with which we can achieve the peace on individual level. If an individual has a goal to archive peace, it can be transformed in new dimensions on team and society level. It is the desire and adaptability to archive peace, that needs to be born.
Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by karlgoethebier (Abbot) on May 03, 2018 at 17:01 UTC

    For a more practical and short-term approach see my footer.

    «The Crux of the Biscuit is the Apostrophe»

    perl -MCrypt::CBC -E 'say Crypt::CBC->new(-key=>'kgb',-cipher=>"Blowfish")->decrypt_hex($ENV{KARL});'Help

Re: World peace can best be achieved by:
by bliako (Monsignor) on May 24, 2018 at 13:21 UTC

    There is a point of view which says that from an evolutionary point of view, wars are necessary. They get us unstuck from local minima. The misery and loss of life (always OF OTHERS) is too little a price to pay:

    Holly, I'd like to cut you in, old man. There's nobody left in Vienna I can really trust, and we've always done everything together. When you make up your mind, send me a message - I'll meet you any place, any time, and when we do meet old man, it's you I want to see, not the police. Remember that, won't ya? Don't be so gloomy.
    After all it's not that awful. You know what the fellow said – in Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly. (The third man, Orson Wells)

    (my usual Marxist diatribe: ) From a Marxist point of view: Capitalism's constant accumulation of capital causes the diminishing of returns and profits. Simply said: at regular intervals (cycles) too much capital is accumulated and floating around waiting to be invested (because this is what Capitalism is all about: max profit for your investment, capital does not rest) but there are fewer opportunities to invest it and harvest the Profit. This is because of lack of resources (e.g. material) and - a very realistic - limited consumer capacity: there is so much salami one can eat ("use" would be the politically correct way to say this). The solution is Capital Destruction. Best achieved by wars.

    There are no easy options with 7 billion people on earth. The sheer number amplifies the ignorance and greed of the few. We are way past any "regulation" measures (in economy, military, environment). But the worst inmo is that Ignorance takes new forms and spreads faster among the Educated.

    The laws of Physics and Probability (gosh! which one is more lethal in this case?) limit or prohibit our escaping to the stars. Therefore, make love before the war would be Epicurus answer to world peace. And I will go with it if there is a free lunch thrown in (biodegradable prophylactics goes without saying).

    Some movie clips to watch in the bunker:

    God is punishing us (seventh seal, Ingmar Bergman) :

    Cuckoo clocks:

    M.A.S.H. - the last supper:

    Maj Kong rides the bomb:

    Catch 22:

    Catch 22:

    Catch 22:

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