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That's sad. The old has a much cleaner interface, that is much easier too read for someone like me with a bit of color blindness.

MetaCPAN might or might not allow to change the color scheme after logging in. I haven't tried, because i hate the fact that you can't just use username/password, but instead have to use a third party login provider. Why the hell would i allow Google or Facebook to sign in as me to another site? As a rule, i don't use those services for anything that is really relevant/important to me, because this is a security nightmare waiting to happen.

But since there seems to be no alternative, i'll test over the next few weeks if this would work with running an OpenID API on my own server. If not, then i'll have to think about alternative solutions, like restart my webpage-modifying proxy project to filter out all the clutter and make metacpan more readable.

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