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Hello Everyone, I am new to PERL and programming in general and I am about to lose my mind. I have been working on this program for about 2 weeks and I still can't figure out what I am doing wrong. The main problem lies within the second WHILE loop(I think), I can't seem to figure out how to get it to reference the stuff in the rest of the script,it is supposed to take the value defined and print a color to the HTLM file depending on the length of time that has passed. It is probably something very simple that I am doing wrong, help at all will be appreciated. Sorry that this is such a mess but I really don't know what I am doing.
use Time::local; $ccdrive = $ENV{CC_DEFAULT_DRIVE}; $file = "whatever"; $upsitesynckey = "SyncState X"; $downsitesynckey = "SyncState Y"; $upsitereplicakey = "Replica for X"; $downsitereplicakey = "Replica for Y"; my @newtime; my $htmlpath='synccheck.htm'; my $logfile='synccheck.log'; my $maxtime; my %month = (Jan => 0, Feb => 1, Mar => 2, Apr => 3, May => 4, Jun => 5, Jul => 6, Aug => 7, Sep => 8, Oct => 9, Nov => 10, Dec => 11); #Define some colors... my $GRN="#00FF00"; my $YEL="#FFFF00"; my $RED="#FF0000"; my $GRY="#808080"; my $curcolor=$GRN; my %rephash; open(TFILE2,">$htmlpath") || die "Can't open $htmlpath"; # Print the html header section. print TFILE2 <<WEB_PAGE; <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-12 +52"> <title>SyncCheck</title> </head> <body background="PrairieWind.bmp" bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" li +nk="#FFFF00" vlink="#FFFF00"> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p align="center"><font face="Americana" size="5">Sync Check Summary</font></p> <p align="center"><font face="Americana" size="5">/font></p> <p align="left">&nbsp;</p> WEB_PAGE # Handle the "Last Update" my $time=localtime(time); print TFILE2 "<p align=\"center\"><font face=\"Americana\" size=\"4\"> +Last update: $time</font></p><br>\n"; open (FILE, "$file") || die "Can't open $file"; $tmp=<FILE>; foreach(split(/\t/,$tmp)){ push(@hashkeys, $_); } while (<FILE>) { $tmp=$_; @config=split(/\t/,$tmp); $idx=0; #Combine the two arrays into a hash. Taking the long way around, h +ere. foreach(@config){ $vobhash{$hashkeys[$idx]}=$_; $idx++; } #Clear out the arrays. @config=(""); # Get a more accurate vob tag. $name=$hash{"Tag"}; #If the syncstate of a site has an X or "EXPORT", Add its replica +to the list. if(uc($vobhash{$upsitesynckey}) eq "X" || uc($hash{$upsitesynckey} +) eq "EXPORT"){ push(@replicas, $hash{$upsitereplicakey}); push(@vobs +, $vobname); } if(uc($vobhash{$downsitesynckey}) eq "X" || uc($vobhash{$downsites +ynckey}) eq "EXPORT"){ push(@replicas, $vobhash{$downsitereplicakey}) +; push(@vobs, $vobname); } %vobhash = (""); } close (FILE); $idx=0; foreach $replica (@replicas) { $cmd="cleartool describe replica:$replica\@\\$vobs[$idx]"; $time=`$cmd`; $time =~ /last_export = /g; $time=substr($time, pos($time), length($time)-pos($time)); $idx++; @timelocal = localtime(time); $day=substr($time, 0, 2); $mon=substr($time, 3, 3); $year="20".substr($time, 7, 2); $hour=substr($time, 10, 2); $min=substr($time, 13, 2); $sec=substr($time, 16, 2); # Convert the month abbreviation to a number (0-11). Use separate +variable. $mon = $month{$mon}; @newtime=($sec, $min, $hour, $day, $mon, $year, undef, undef, unde +f); #print "$mon\n"; $x=Time::Local::timelocal(@timelocal); $y=Time::Local::timelocal(@newtime); $z=$x-$y; #print "$x $y $z\n"; my $durhours=int($z/3600); $z-=($durhours*3600); my $durmins=int($z/60); $z-=($durmins*60); my $dursecs=$z; #$rephash{$replica}=$durhours; #$rephash=("$replica"=>"$durhours","durhours"=>"$curcolor"); if ($durhours < 3) { $curcolor = "$GRN"; } if ($durhours >= 3 && $maxtime < 7 ) { $curcolor = "$YEL"; } if ($durhours > 7 ) { $curcolor = "$RED"; } if ($durhours > $maxtime) { $maxtime = $durhours; } %rephash=($replica=>"$curcolor"); #print "$rephash{$replica}\n"; if ($replica =~ /ABC/g) { push (@ABC, $replica); } if ($replica =~ /DEF/g || $replica =~ /whatever/g) { push (@DEF, $replica); } } $idx=0; $ref1 = @ABC; $ref2 = @DEF; print TFILE2 "<table width=\"75%\" border=\"1\">"; # while ($idx < @ABC || $idx < @DEF) { print TFILE2 " <tr>"; if ($idx1 <= $ref2) { #chomp($DEF[$idx]); #print TFILE2 "<font color=\"$rephash($DEF[$idx])\"><td>$vobs[ +$idx]</td>" ; print TFILE2 "<font color=\$rephash{$replica}\> <td> $rephash{ +$replica} $DEF[$idx]&nbsp</td>"; #print "%rephash{$DEF[$idx]}\n"; } if ($idx1 <= $ref1) { #chomp($ABC[$idx]); #print TFILE2 "<font color=\"$rephash($ABC[$idx])\"> <td> $vob +s[$idx] </td> "; print TFILE2 "<font color=\"$rephash($ABC[$idx])\"><td> $AB +C[$idx]&nbsp </td> "; } print TFILE2 "</tr>"; $idx++; } print TFILE2 "</table>";

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