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Re: Reaped: Re: why Perl5 will never die

by LanX (Sage)
on Oct 30, 2018 at 16:04 UTC ( #1224914=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: why Perl5 will never die
in thread why Perl5 will never die

I'm not sure why your post was reaped.

Cheers Rolf
(addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
Wikisyntax for the Monastery FootballPerl is like chess, only without the dice

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Re^2: Reaped: Re: why Perl5 will never die
by Your Mother (Archbishop) on Oct 30, 2018 at 16:42 UTC

    Because it was inaccurate, profane, fallacy ridden, cryptoantiperl6 garbage from a nobody? That’s why I --ed and voted to reap. If it had someone’s name on it, I wouldn’t have done so. I would have replied on the points I mention though.

      It was I who posted that reply, and not because I'm an anonymous coward, but because I did not have my perlmonks login with me on that laptop.

      I'm not going to insist to have my post un-reaped, although I stand by my opinion. However, I do see several problems with its deletion.

      First, I object to the reason that it was "unhelpful and made by an anon coward" for two reasons: I don't think that it's unhelpful (it may be harsh, but I think it was necessary), and I don't see why it matters that it was posted (nominally) by Anonymous. Perlmonks is (used to be? only I imagined it to be?) one of the relatively few places on the Internet where opinions were evaluated based on their merit alone, decoupled from the person who expressed them. If posts can now be unilaterally, arbitrarily deleted, just because someone feels that its contents don't agree with them and because it was posted by an anonymous user, that leads straight away into the kind of echo chamber where meaningful discussion is no longer possible or even desirable.

      Second, I probably don't matter. But if you treat better programmers than me like this, people who are willing and able to contribute code and effort to reduce the gap that exists between Perl and the rest of the world (and I maintain that such a gap exists), abusing and silencing them, then they are just going to shrug and leave, never to look back. Do we want that? To chase away the best of us, just because they disagree?

      Right now, we, the Perl community are like those lungfish that first crawled out from the sea. We've found nice, warm puddles near the shores for ourselves, and that was a great achievement for its time. But since then we've stayed in those puddles, and we stubbornly keep telling ourselves that it's fine this way, all the while others have moved on, diversified and colonized the rest of the continent. And we refuse to even look up and acknowledge that. I find that sad.

      I might have used stronger words than strictly necessary - I wrote that post in a break of a conference where I was forced to learn about a whole new array of concepts, tools and processes I had no idea about. I still consider myself a Perl programmer, that's what I do professionally, but stepping outside my usual circles, being forced to look at this whole wide world I was never even aware of, made me think, made me re-evaluate the value of my skills, my professional future. And then I checked Perlmonks, and I saw the same old, tired "Perl is not dead" argument. I replied, and I'm not sorry.

      Finally, you write that my post was "inaccurate, profane, fallacy ridden, cryptoantiperl6". I think none of this is true. Please provide specific examples for each accusation.

        I'm the one who defended your post, I would have voted keep.

        I accept that your profanity about "shit" was an emotional reaction.

        Regarding AM: trolls like to provoke anonymously because their pattern is not recognized and they profit from the doubt surrounding their person.

        I agree concerning the perception of Perl, I had similar observations already years ago.

        Perl lost most of academia to Python, that's why, they use it for glueing the C-libraries in "modern" ML.

        Cheers Rolf
        (addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
        Wikisyntax for the Monastery FootballPerl is like chess, only without the dice

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