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Re: So it's homework - so what?

by Dominus (Parson)
on Nov 01, 2001 at 22:30 UTC ( [id://122620]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: So it's homework - so what?
in thread So it's homework - so what?

Perhaps I should admit that I always like to answer those homework questions, and I think you folks should do it too, because it's a dog-eat-dog world, and if these folks want you to assist them in sabotaging their educations so that they are less able to compete with you after they graduate, you should let them do it.

Mark Dominus
Perl Paraphernalia

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Re^2: So it's homework - so what?
by Lawliet (Curate) on Mar 15, 2009 at 20:59 UTC
      Given several decades of grade inflation and the availability of people who will answer questions, preventing idiots from graduating is unfortunately not a viable option.

        Given enough time and money and the correct choice of major, idiots have always been able to graduate.

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