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My thanks to all who provided help and assistance with this. I now have a working test solution which I present below as this may be useful for others.

I used Path::Tiny, as originally shown by ++tybalt89, to generate the list of files for archiving. I needed to tweak the suggested code in a few places, as follows:

Here's the test script. Note that the directory structure under $src_dir is exactly the same as that presented in the OP.

#!/usr/bin/env perl use 5.016; use warnings; use Archive::Tar; use Cwd; use Path::Tiny; my $src_dir = '/Users/ken/tmp/test_arch/src'; my $zip_dir = '/Users/ken/tmp/test_arch/zip'; my $top_dir = 'fred'; my $zip_name = 'fred.tar.gz'; my $zip_path = path($zip_dir, $zip_name); { use autodie; my $cur_dir = getcwd; chdir $src_dir or die; my @tar_files = ($top_dir); path($top_dir)->visit( sub { push @tar_files, "$_" }, { recurse => 1 } ); my $tar = Archive::Tar::->new(); $tar->add_files(@tar_files); $tar->write($zip_path, COMPRESS_GZIP); chdir $cur_dir or die; }

A sample run, as well as various checks, are in the spoiler:

— Ken