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All the pieces were there in the thread. I simply rearranged them...
#!/usr/bin/perl -wT use strict; my $bin = ascii2bin('Rolf'); my $ascii = bin2ascii($bin); print "bin => $bin\n"; print "ascii => $ascii\n"; sub ascii2bin { my $ascii = shift; my $bin = join '', map {sprintf "%08b", ord($_)} split //, $ascii; return $bin; } sub bin2ascii { my $bin = shift; my $ascii = join '', map {chr(oct"0b$_")} $bin =~ /(\d{8})/g; return $ascii; } =OUTPUT bin => 01010010011011110110110001100110 ascii => Rolf

Or, as one-liners.....

perl -le 'print join"",map{sprintf"%08b",ord($_)}split//,pop' Rolf perl -le 'print join"",map{chr(oct"0b$_")}pop=~/(\d{8})/g' 01010010011 +011110110110001100110