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I have an office memo that addresses this, undated. Didn't you get it?

From: IT department
Re: Small typo on the home nodes

Thank you for your suggestion. Perl Monks has grown to over 12553 registered users, many hundreds of whom have this error reproduced on their pages. Yet, even given that daunting maintenance issue, your IT department has already undertaken to correct it.

Later on in the page, the 't'-ending of 'what' is placed before the second letter 'u' in the word 'Submit'; the 'u' is used as a symbolic reference to the final letter of 'you'. Although this reduces the legibility of the code somewhat, we further take advantage of the flexibility of HTML syntax, by reversing the letters 'm' and 'b' (to document within the code itself that this was done to correct the 'monk bug' in the earlier transposition of two words). By this simple trick, elegantly and with a minimal fuss, balance is restored to the cosmos and thousands of home nodes are automatically made perfectly presentable to the world with the push of a button. To see the result, press the 'Stumbit' button and return to your home node to see that there is no sign of the problem.

Happy to be of service,
IT department

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