Many people use mnemonic devices to help remember to take the right action at the right time. For example, "Spring forward, fall back" helps one remember which way to change their clocks at the twice-yearly Daylight Savings Time switch (where DST applies). "Roy G. Biv" helps one remember the colors in the rainbow in correct order. Etc.

I'm starting a collection of mnemonic devices for Perl. The collection is starting small.

Question that Dot Star is a reminder to consider whether one really wants ".*" to be greedy, or whether ".*?" (or a negated character class) is a better option.
Do you have a favorite mnemonic device to contribute? What do you say to yourself while programming to help remember to do the right think at the right time?

(If someone has one that will help me remember the difference between /m and /s, I'll be forever grateful.)