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Hey Folks... Any one else have trouble with using the Headers method of extracting a table from a page? I've narrowed it down to this: If two columns have similar headers TableExtract chokes. My HTML is a follows.
DateDate of Incident Unit cost
etc.... and when i make an array
@heads = ("Date","Date of Incident","Unit Cost"); $headers = \@heads ; $te = HTML::TableExtract->new(headers => $headers) ; $te->parse($page);
I get Bubkiss. If i change the HTML and @heads array to "Date", "Rate of Incident" , and "Unit Cost" the Regex pattern match works fine. Also if i change to Date_of_Incident is works. Unfortunately I don't have control of the generation of the HTML. I have gotten around the problem by using brute force and Liberal doses of Ignorance as follows.
@heads = ("myDate", etc... $page =~ s/Date/myDate/gs ; $te->parse($page);
Any suggestions? Thanks, The Drone.

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