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Re: how can i call a *.pl as a function

by bmccoy (Beadle)
on Dec 12, 2001 at 18:48 UTC ( #131249=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to how can i call a *.pl as a function

How are you referring to the file? You should have a statement like
require "";
at the top of your file.

What is Is it a library file? Or is it another script? If it's another script, you cannot call subroutines in in the way you are attempting.

My recommendation is to take a look at the Perl Module documention:

perldoc perlmod

-- Brett

Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes

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Re: Re: how can i call a *.pl as a function
by benlaw (Scribe) on Dec 12, 2001 at 20:01 UTC
    oh , i means something like that , the line of     $t->tag(qw/bind d1 <1>/ => sub {&items('items')}); which is point to the a program call items (~~the program come from the Tk module of Demos directory> the coding include the and example)
    # use vars qw/$TOP/; sub bind { # Create a top-level window that illustrates how you can bind Perl # commands to regions of text in a text widget. my($demo) = @_; $TOP = $MW->WidgetDemo( -name => $demo, -text =>'', -title => 'Text Demonstration - Tag Bindings', -iconname => 'bind', ); my $t = $TOP->Scrolled(qw/Text -setgrid true -width 60 -height 24 -scrollbars e -wrap word/, -font => $FONT); $t->pack(qw/-expand yes -fill both/); # Set up display styles my(@bold, @normal, $tag); if ($TOP->depth > 1) { @bold = (-background => '#43ce80', qw/-relief raised -borderwidt +h 1/); @normal = (-background => undef, qw/-relief flat/); } else { @bold = (qw/-foreground white -background black/); @normal = (-foreground => undef, -background => undef); } $t->insert('0.0', "The same tag mechanism that controls display st +yles in text widgets can also be used to associate Perl commands with + regions of text, so that mouse or keyboard actions on the text cause + particular Perl commands to be invoked. For example, in the text be +low the descriptions of the canvas demonstrations have been tagged. +When you move the mouse over a demo description the description light +s up, and when you press button 1 over a description then that partic +ular demonstration is invoked.\n\n"); $t->insert('end','1. Samples of all the different types of items t +hat can be created in canvas widgets.', 'd1'); $t->insert('end', "\n\n"); $t->insert('end', '2. A simple two-dimensional plot that allows yo +u to adjust the positions of the data points.', 'd2'); $t->insert('end', "\n\n"); $t->insert('end', '3. Anchoring and justification modes for text i +tems.', 'd3'); $t->insert('end', "\n\n"); $t->insert('end', '4. An editor for arrow-head shapes for line ite +ms.', 'd4'); $t->insert('end', "\n\n"); $t->insert('end', '5. A ruler with facilities for editing tab stop +s.', 'd5'); $t->insert('end', "\n\n"); $t->insert('end', '6. A grid that demonstrates how canvases can be + scrolled.', 'd6'); foreach $tag (qw(d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6)) { $t->tag('bind', $tag, '<Any-Enter>' => sub {shift->tag('configure', $tag, @bold)} ); $t->tag('bind', $tag, '<Any-Leave>' => sub {shift->tag('configure', $tag, @normal)} ); } $t->tag(qw/bind d1 <1>/ => sub {&items('items')}); $t->tag(qw/bind d2 <1>/ => sub {&plot('plot')}); $t->tag(qw/bind d3 <1>/ => sub {&ctext('ctext')}); $t->tag(qw/bind d4 <1>/ => sub {&arrows('arrows')}); $t->tag(qw/bind d5 <1>/ => sub {&ruler('ruler')}); $t->tag(qw/bind d6 <1>/ => sub {&cscroll('cscroll')}); $t->mark(qw/set insert 0.0/); } # end bind 1;
    # use subs qw/items_button_press items_drag items_enter items_leave item +s_mark items_start_drag items_stroke items_under_area/; use vars qw/$TOP/; sub items { # Create a top-level window containing a canvas that displays the +various # item types and allows them to be selected and moved. my($demo) = @_; $TOP = $MW->WidgetDemo( -name => $demo, -text => ["This window contains a canvas widget with examp +les of the various kinds of items supported by canvases. The followi +ng operations are supported:\n Button-1 drag:\tmoves item under poin +ter.\n Button-2 drag:\trepositions view.\n Button-3 drag:\tstrokes +out area.\n Ctrl+f:\t\tdisplays items under area.", qw/-wraplength 5i +/], -title => 'Canvas Item Demonstration', -iconname => 'items', ); my $c = $TOP->Scrolled(qw/Canvas -width 15c -height 10c -relief su +nken -borderwidth 2 -scrollbars se -scrollregion/ => [qw/0c 0c 30c 24c/]); $c->pack(qw/-expand yes -fill both/); my %iinfo = (); # item information hash $iinfo{areaX1} = 0; $iinfo{areaY1} = 0; $iinfo{areaX2} = 0; $iinfo{areaY2} = 0; $iinfo{restore_cmd} = ''; if ($Tk::VERSION cmp '800.015') { # Display a 3x3 rectangular grid (800.016 or greater). $c->createGrid(qw/0c 0c 10c 8c -width 2 -lines 1/); $c->createGrid(qw/0c 0c 5c 4c -lines 1 -dash ./); $c->createGrid(qw/0c 0c 10m 8m -width 1/); } else { # Display a 3x3 rectangular grid. $c->createRectangle(qw/ 0c 0c 30c 24c -width 2/); $c->createLine (qw/ 0c 8c 30c 8c -width 2/); $c->createLine (qw/ 0c 16c 30c 16c -width 2/); $c->createLine (qw/10c 0c 10c 24c -width 2/); $c->createLine (qw/20c 0c 20c 24c -width 2/); } my $font1 = '-*-Helvetica-Medium-R-Normal--*-120-*-*-*-*-*-*'; my $font2 = '-*-Helvetica-Bold-R-Normal--*-240-*-*-*-*-*-*'; my($blue, $red, $bisque, $green); if ($TOP->depth > 1) { $blue = 'DeepSkyBlue3'; $red = 'red'; $bisque = 'bisque3'; $green = 'SeaGreen3'; } else { $blue = 'black'; $red = 'black'; $bisque = 'black'; $green = 'black'; } # Set up demos within each of the areas of the grid. $c->createText(qw/5c .2c -text Lines -anchor n/); $c->createLine(qw/1c 1c 3c 1c 1c 4c 3c 4c -width 2m/, -fill => $bl +ue, qw/-cap butt -join miter -tags item/); $c->createLine(qw/4.67c 1c 4.67c 4c -arrow last -activedash - -tag +s item/); $c->createLine(qw/6.33c 1c 6.33c 4c -arrow both -activedash . -tag +s item/); $c->createLine(qw/5c 6c 9c 6c 9c 1c 8c 1c 8c 4.8c 8.8c 4.8c 8.8c 1 +.2c 8.2c 1.2c 8.2c 4.6c 8.6c 4.6c 8.6c 1.4c 8.4c 1.4c 8.4c 4.4c -width 3 -tags item -fill/ => $red); $c->createLine(qw/1c 5c 7c 5c 7c 7c 9c 7c -width .5c/, -stipple => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/grey.25'), qw/-arrow both -tags item -arrowshape/ => [15, 15, 7]); $c->createLine(qw/1c 7c 1.75c 5.8c 2.5c 7c 3.25c 5.8c 4c 7c -width + .5c -cap round -join round -tags item/); $c->createText(qw/15c .2c -anchor n -text/ => 'Curves (smoothed li +nes)'); $c->createLine(qw/11c 4c 11.5c 1c 13.5c 1c 14c 4c -smooth on/, -fill =>$blue, qw/-tags item/); $c->createLine(qw/15.5c 1c 19.5c 1.5c 15.5c 4.5c 19.5c 4c -smooth +on -arrow both -width 3 -tags item/); $c->createLine(qw/12c 6c 13.5c 4.5c 16.5c 7.5c 18c 6c 16.5c 4.5c 1 +3.5c 7.5c 12c 6c -smooth on -width 3m -cap round -tags item/ +, -stipple => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/grey.25'), -fill => $red); $c->createText(qw/25c .2c -text Polygons -anchor n/); $c->createPolygon(qw/21c 1.0c 22.5c 1.75c 24c 1.0c 23.25c 2.5c 24c + 4.0c 22.5c 3.25c 21c 4.0c 21.75c 2.5c -tags item/, -fill => $green); $c->createPolygon(qw/25c 4c 25c 4c 25c 1c 26c 1c 27c 4c 28c 1c 29c + 1c 29c 4c 29c 4c -smooth on -tags item/, -fill => $red) +; $c->createPolygon(qw/22c 4.5c 25c 4.5c 25c 6.75c 28c 6.75c 28c 5.2 +5c 24c 5.25c 24c 6.0c 26c 6c 26c 7.5c 22c 7.5c -tags item/, -stipple => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/grey.25')) +; $c->createText(qw/5c 8.2c -text Rectangles -anchor n/); $c->createRectangle(qw/1c 9.5c 4c 12.5c/, -outline => $red, qw/-width 3m -tags item/); $c->createRectangle(qw/0.5c 13.5c 4.5c 15.5c/, -fill => $green, qw/-tags item/); $c->createRectangle(qw/6c 10c 9c 15c -tags item/, -outline => unde +f, -stipple => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/grey.25' +), -fill => $blue); $c->createText(qw/15c 8.2c -text Ovals -anchor n/); $c->createOval(qw/11c 9.5c 14c 12.5c/, -outline => $red, qw/-width 3m -tags item/); $c->createOval(qw/10.5c 13.5c 14.5c 15.5c/, -fill => $green, qw/-tags item/); $c->createOval(qw/16c 10c 19c 15c -tags item/, -outline => undef, -stipple => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/grey.25'), -fill => $blue); $c->createText(qw/25c 8.2c -text Text -anchor n/); $c->createRectangle(qw/22.4c 8.9c 22.6c 9.1c/); $c->createText(qw/22.5c 9c -anchor n -width 4c/, -font => $font1, -text => 'A short string of text, word-wrapped, justifi +ed left, and anchored north (at the top). The rectangles show the an +chor points for each piece of text.', qw/-tags item/); $c->createRectangle(qw/25.4c 10.9c 25.6c 11.1c/); $c->createText(qw/25.5c 11c -anchor w/, -font => $font1, -fill => +$blue, -text => "Several lines,\n each centered\n" . "individually,\nand all anchored\nat the left edge.", qw/-justify center -tags item/); $c->createRectangle(qw/24.9c 13.9c 25.1c 14.1c/); $c->createText(qw/25c 14c -anchor c/, -font => $font2, -fill => $r +ed, -stipple => 'gray50', -text => 'Stippled characters', qw/-tags item/); $c->createText(qw/5c 16.2c -text Arcs -anchor n/); $c->createArc(qw/0.5c 17c 7c 20c/, -fill => $green, qw/-outline bl +ack/, -stipple => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/grey.25'), qw/-start 45 -extent 270 -style pieslice -tags item/); $c->createArc(qw/6.5c 17c 9.5c 20c -width 4m -style arc/, -fill => + $blue, qw/-start -135 -extent 270 -tags item/); $c->createArc(qw/0.5c 20c 9.5c 24c -width 4m -style pieslice/, -fill => undef, -outline => $red, qw/-start 225 -extent -90 -tags item/); $c->createArc(qw/5.5c 20.5c 9.5c 23.5c -width 4m -style chord/, -fill => $blue, -outline => undef, qw/-start 45 -extent 270 -tags item/); $c->createText(qw/15c 16.2c -text Bitmaps -anchor n/); $c->createBitmap(qw/13c 20c -bitmap/ => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/face'), qw/-tags it +em/); $c->createBitmap(qw/17c 18.5c/, -bitmap => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/noletters'), qw/-tags item/); $c->createBitmap(qw/17c 21.5c/, -bitmap => '@'.Tk->findINC('demos/images/letters'), qw/-tags item/); $c->createText(qw/25c 16.2c -text Windows -anchor n/); my $c_button = $c->Button(-text => 'Press Me', -command => [\&items_button_press, $c, $red], ); $c->createWindow(qw/21c 18c/, -window => $c_button, qw/-anchor nw -tags item/); my $c_entry = $c->Entry(-width => '20', -relief => 'sunken', -validate => 'all', -validatecommand => sub {$n++ ? 1 : 0}, -invalidcommand => sub {$TOP->bell}); $c_entry->insert('end' => 'Edit this text'); $c->createWindow(qw/21c 21c/, -window => $c_entry, qw/-anchor nw -tags item/); my $c_scale = $c->Scale(qw/-from 0 -to 100 -length 6c -sliderlengt +h .4c -width .5c -tickinterval 0/); $c->createWindow(qw/28.5c 17.5c/, -window => $c_scale, qw/-anchor n -tags item/); $c->createText(qw/21c 17.9c -text Button: -anchor sw/); $c->createText(qw/21c 20.9c -text Entry: -anchor sw/); $c->createText(qw/28.5c 17.4c -text Scale: -anchor s/); # Set up event bindings for canvas. $c->bind('item', '<Any-Enter>' => [\&items_enter, \%iinfo]); $c->bind('item', '<Any-Leave>' => [\&items_leave, \%iinfo]); # Get real canvas widget reference to apply bind() commands to: t +he # Canvas widget is a subwidget of the Scrolled composite widget. +To # reference the X event structure, either use the XEvent() method +or # read the specially localized variable $Tk::event. We'll use XEv +ent # first, and the variable from then on. $c->CanvasBind('<<Copy>>',sub { print "Do Copy\n" }); $c->CanvasBind('<1>' => sub { my($c) = @_; my $e = $c->XEvent; items_start_drag $c, $e->x, $e->y, \%iinfo; }); $c->CanvasBind('<B1-Motion>' => sub {items_drag shift, $Tk::event->x, $Tk::event->y, \%iinfo}) +; $c->CanvasBind('<2>' => sub {shift->scan('mark', $Tk::event->x, $Tk::event->y)}); $c->CanvasBind('<B2-Motion>' => sub {shift->scan('dragto', $Tk::event->x, $Tk::event->y)}); $c->CanvasBind('<3>' => sub {items_mark shift, $Tk::event->x, $Tk::event->y, \%iinfo} +); $c->CanvasBind('<B3-Motion>' => sub {items_stroke shift, $Tk::event->x, $Tk::event->y, \%iinf +o}); $c->CanvasBind('<Control-f>' => [sub { my($c, $iinfo) = @_; my $e = $c->XEvent; items_under_area $c, $iinfo; }, \%iinfo]); $c->CanvasBind('<Any-Enter>' => sub {$_[0]->CanvasFocus}); } # end items # Utility procedures for highlighting the item under the pointer: sub items_button_press { # Procedure that's invoked when the button embedded in the canvas # is invoked. my($w, $color) = @_; my $i = $w->createText(qw/25c 18.1c -anchor n/, -text => 'Ouch!!', -fill => $color); $w->after(500, sub { $w->delete($i) }); } # end items_button_press sub items_drag { my($c, $x, $y, $iinfo) = @_; $x = $c->canvasx($x); $y = $c->canvasy($y); $c->move('current', $x-$iinfo->{lastX}, $y-$iinfo->{lastY}); $iinfo->{lastX} = $x; $iinfo->{lastY} = $y; } # end items_drag sub items_enter { my($c, $iinfo) = @_; $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = ''; if ($TOP->depth == 1) { $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = ''; return; } my $type = $c->type('current'); if ($type eq 'window') { $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = ''; return; } if ($type eq 'bitmap') { my $bg = ($c->itemconfigure(qw/current -background/))[4]; if (defined $bg) { $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = "\$c->itemconfigure('current', -background => '$bg');"; } else { $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = "\$c->itemconfigure('current', -background => undef);"; } $c->itemconfigure(qw/current -background SteelBlue2/); return; } my $fill = ($c->itemconfigure(qw/current -fill/))[4]; my $stipple = ($c->itemconfigure(qw/current -stipple/))[4]; if (defined $stipple) { $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = "\$c->itemconfigure('current', -stipple => '$stipple')"; $c->itemconfigure(qw/current -stipple /,''); } elsif (($type eq 'rectangle' or $type eq 'oval' or $type eq 'arc +') and not defined $fill) { my $outline = ($c->itemconfigure(qw/current -outline/))[4]; $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = "\$c->itemconfigure('current', -outline => '$outline')"; $c->itemconfigure(qw/current -outline SteelBlue2/); } else { $iinfo->{restore_cmd} = "\$c->itemconfigure('current', -fill => '$fill')"; $c->itemconfigure(qw/current -fill SteelBlue2/); } } # end items_enter sub items_leave { my($c, $iinfo) = @_; eval $iinfo->{restore_cmd}; } # end items_leave sub items_mark { my($c, $x, $y, $iinfo) = @_; $iinfo->{areaX1} = $c->canvasx($x); $iinfo->{areaY1} = $c->canvasy($y); $c->delete('area'); } # end items_mark sub items_start_drag { my($c, $x, $y, $iinfo) = @_; $iinfo->{lastX} = $c->canvasx($x); $iinfo->{lastY} = $c->canvasy($y); } # end items_start_drag sub items_stroke { my($c, $x, $y, $iinfo) = @_; $x = $c->canvasx($x); $y = $c->canvasy($y); if (($iinfo->{areaX1} != $x) and ($iinfo->{areaY1} != $y)) { $c->delete('area'); $c->addtag('area', 'withtag', $c->create('rectangle', $iinfo->{areaX1}, $iinfo->{areaY1}, $x, $y, -outline => 'black +')); $iinfo->{areaX2} = $x; $iinfo->{areaY2} = $y; } } # end items_stroke sub items_under_area { my($c, $iinfo) = @_; my $area = $c->find('withtag', 'area'); my @items = (); my $i; foreach $i ($c->find('enclosed', $iinfo->{areaX1}, $iinfo->{areaY1}, $iinfo->{areaX2}, $iinfo->{areaY2})) { my @tags = $c->gettags($i); if (defined($tags[0]) and grep $_ eq 'item', @tags) { push @items, $i; } } @items = 'None' unless @items; print STDOUT 'Items enclosed by area: ', join(' ', @items), ".\n" +; @items = (); foreach $i ($c->find('overlapping', $iinfo->{areaX1}, $iinfo->{are +aY1}, $iinfo->{areaX2}, $iinfo->{areaY2})) { my @tags = $c->gettags($i); if (defined($tags[0]) and grep $_ eq 'item', @tags) { push @items, $i; } } @items = 'None' unless @items; print STDOUT 'Items overlapping area: ', join(' ', @items), ".\n" +; } # end items_under_area 1;
    Thx a lot

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