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Re: Re: Who needs files? Net::FTP::Scalar (code)

by deprecated (Priest)
on Dec 13, 2001 at 08:30 UTC ( #131539=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Who needs files? Net::FTP::Scalar (code)
in thread Who needs files? Net::FTP::Scalar (code)

It would be, like, trivially easy given the code I wrote. I'm not up to doing it right now. Why don't you give it a try, and ask me if you have any questions? I'm sure other monks here would like Net::FTP::Simple.


Laziness, Impatience, Hubris, and Generosity.

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Re: Re: Re: Who needs files? Net::FTP::Scalar (code)
by staunch (Pilgrim) on Dec 13, 2001 at 08:54 UTC
    Sorry, I wasn't asking you to necessarily write it. Just wondering if you thought it was a good idea or not.

    My skills are definitely not up to your level, but I think I'll take a crack at it tonight utilizing your module.

    Thanks again.


      Well, about 45 minutes into getting URI to properly break down an ftp URL and making it work with Net::FTP::Scalar I was digging through LWP::* trying to find an example of using $uri->path_segments(). I found a good example. In fact I found exactly what I was trying to do. Then I realized: LWP::Simple supports FTP.

      I should have known..after all this is Perl. perl -e 'use LWP::Simple qw(get); print(get(""));' Staunch

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