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I love NJ
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I don't get to work with Perl as much as I'd like to any more. :'(
I still lurk here, though.

Do you feel that someone else on Perl Monks has treated you unfairly?
Read the ancient text and be enlightened.

A little knowledge (and a big ego) can be a dangerous thing.

i am swiss genie nerd -- thanks to mt2k

Conversation pieces:

<keyDemun> Anyone know why girls seem to use PHP alot ?
<virtualsue> keyDemun - do they?
demerphq orders "Introduction to PHP programming" from Amazon.
jwest surfs the websites of local colleges to find a PHP course.

newrisedesigns waits for more monks to go to bed so he can test something
Zaxo hope nrds isn't talking about the old hand in a bucket of warm water trick
newrisedesigns listens to Zaxo, gets more ideas

Stuff I need to remember:

A call to New Jersey Perl Monks! Let your "Jersey-ness" be known!
New Jersey PerlMonks untie()!

Damn, it feels good to be a Perl Monk...