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Re: MessageLibrary

by mkmcconn (Chaplain)
on Jan 07, 2002 at 11:42 UTC ( #136793=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to MessageLibrary

I like your MessageLibrary, seattlejohn. It works as advertised, and I think it would be quite useful for a larger project.

In the humble hope of offering something more useful to you than an 'attaboy': You put a lot of work into the pod, and evidently want it to be as informative as possible; still, I found the inline pod very difficult to read around while trying to see what the code was doing (until I loaded the source in a highlighting editor).

Also, it might be helpful if your comments on how to use it were even more clearly distinguished from what's happening inside the program (for example, I'm thinking here of the pod comments on Private Methods and variables).

Thank you for sharing your work, here.

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Re: Re: MessageLibrary
by seattlejohn (Deacon) on Jan 07, 2002 at 12:35 UTC
    Thanks for the feedback, mkmcconn. Your comment about the inline pod doesn't come as a complete surprise; it occurred to me before posting that this could be seen as an impediment to following the code flow. I must admit that I routinely use a highlighting editor and kind of like having the documentation right next to the code it applies to, partly because I find it's easier to keep things in sync that way. But given your comment (and my suspicion that for everyone who comments there are probably ten who feel the same way but can't be bothered to respond), I'll definitely reconsider. cheers

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