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Re: Non-standard options to tags for

by $code or die (Deacon)
on Jan 11, 2002 at 21:02 UTC ( #138051=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Non-standard options to tags for

I wouldn't use CGI for the HTML generation, but that's just my preference. I prefer to use Templates. You could store the template as a scalar or in <DATA> if you don't want the seperate file.I would use either HTML::Template or Template Toolkit.

Although if I wanted to output both to Excel and to HTML, I would probably have seperate routines to display in HTML and Excel rather than use Excel's HTML output (but then I don't know what you're doing so maybe I would do it that way). I'd probably try out Spreadsheet::WriteExcel or one of its relations. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel runs on non-Windows machines.

Searching CPAN also reveals Spreadsheet::ParseExcel_XLHTML, which looks interesting. Check out

Just my 2 pennys worth.

Simon Flack ($code or die)
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