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Your IUSR_* account needs permission to the instantiate the COM object. I can't remember where you do this, but I remember what the screen looks like. (I've been a windows free zone for a few weeks). Check through the Administrative Tools applets. Also download OLEVIEW from microsoft,

I wanted to do something similar once, but to instantiate an Internet.Explorer object, the IEXPLORE.exe permissions were irrelevent. You can can grant permissions to the COM objects to users.

Sorry I can't help any more than that, but I haven't got a windows machine to look this up on at the moment.

update: Does your script need to run under IUSR_...? Do you really want everyone to have access to your calendar or do you want to password protect it? If you want it password protected, you can untick Anonymous access in IIS, and use Basic/NTLM authentication. That might be a temporary workaround. But since this is more of a Windows/IIS problem, you'll find more help in a related news://microsoft.public.* newsgroup, for example: IUSR_... persmissions problem - Pls Help!

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