Tuesday, January 29 the current Perlmonks server is going away -- we will be moving the site over sometime today (Monday,28) so that we have some time to redirect to the new server.

Our new digs at PAIR aren't quite ready yet -- we have mod_perl, but apache seg faults when the DBD::mysql connects. This may take some time to resolve since we only have user-level access and have to play email tag on debugging the problem.

In the meantime, we will be moving to another Blockstackers server -- which means there's going to be stuff that breaks, and very likely the site will be slow(er) until we can get the Perlmonks install up and happy.

update: 1-28-02 2:43 PST We seem to have our DBD::mysql problems worked out -- so we will be moving to managed hosting with

If you encounter server errors, please email <> and <> and one of us will try and get to it.

If, after Tuesday, you cannot reach the domain because of DNS lag, try going to -- we will have information on our moving status. I will also try and keep the people in #perlmonks updated.

Thank you for your patience,

UPDATE 1:10 am Tues 29 -- We're not outta the woods yet. Moving over to Pair failed (mysql kept dying) -- so we're running on a backup server. I apologize for the slow load times. We're workin' to fix.

UPDATE 12:30pm Weds 30 PST -- We're still having problems with the Pair set up, so we're trying to create a makeshift solution using a bunch of old Pentium IIs. Hang in there.

Update 3:30pm Weds -- Hooray, we're at pair!!! I'll be looking into performance issues ASAP