This has been asked a million times, but.... Ok, in my short career here at PM, I have not used warnings or strict in some code, not indented, not phrased my question well, annoyed people in the chatterbox, asked OT questions in the chatterbox, pretty much not been the best Perl Monk (acolyte) I could possibly be, but I had not, up until today, got a negative vote/lost experience. Today I lost 2 experience points, and boo hoo, who cares about losing 2 experience points. But I couldn’t figure out where I lost them, I hadn't been keeping track of exactly how much experience I had where, and no one offered any comments saying why I had been voted down. Now I have searched and found some nodes with pretty much the exact same question I am asking here from a year or two ago, but none seem to be answered in a way that satisfied me. Why not have everyone who votes -- comment on why? Or at least say “Ack, you have lost 1 experience point on node X” so you can kinda figure out what is going on? I think voting -- can be a good thing, if it is productive, but this “shadow” voting seem counter-productive.