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Re: Voting -- problems

by grinder (Bishop)
on Feb 18, 2002 at 09:27 UTC ( #146126=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Voting -- problems

Yes this has been asked a million times. What part of the answer did you not understand? :)

To find out where/when you lose reputation on a post, you have to either write your own reputation manager that parses the user nodes info xml generator or use one that someone else has written.

As to why people should have to comment on why they downvote, if there were a field you had to fill out, I would just fill in each and every time "Because you suck!" Which is really helpful. Or else when I have posted the reason why I downvoted a node, my node gets heaps of rep and the "offending" node racks up far more loss of rep than I suspect would have happened had I not said anything. That's worse.

So I just keep the way I vote to myself. If I find something particularly wrong, I post a follow-up, but I don't downvote the node. Or else I send a /msg. That's usually enough to get things straightened up, or an admission of error. But sometimes you come across really dumb nodes and all you can do is -- them, and it's not even worth spending the time to explain why. Life is too short.

Posting a node is like hoeing up a rough stretch of barren ground, watering it, and planting some seeds. Sometimes you a rewarded by a flower, you gain XP and other people come along to and plant more flowers, and everything is peaceful and groovy and everyone gains a bucketload of rep.

But sometimes all you get is a weed.

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Re: Re: Voting -- problems
by theorbtwo (Prior) on Feb 19, 2002 at 06:39 UTC

    I don't mean any disrespect, grinder, but this is one of those nodes I wish I could vote both ++ and -- on.

    I want to ++ it, because I like the analogy of planting some seeds.

    But I want to -- it, because it seems rather disrespectful to the poster. He /did/ do his homework before posting this. The question is quite simple: why does the engine not do this, instead of making me do this, which causes me to go to a lot of work, and fetch a lot of pages, and make the server put togeter things that I then have to parse. Wouldn't it be easier for the server to do this, and tell me?

    I once asked this, and got a real answer: No, it wouldn't be easier for the engine to do this.

    We are using here a powerful strategy of synthesis: wishful thinking. -- The Wizard Book

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