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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?


by xenchu (Friar)
on Mar 25, 2002 at 20:07 UTC ( #154199=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Perl has one Great Advantage and one Great Disadvantage:

It is very easy to write a complex and powerful program in three lines of code.

Nodes To Consider

Little Known Perl Monk Places

PTAV || Perl Monk Stats
Most Recently Updated Home Nodes || Perl Monk's Snippet Index
Categorized Questions and Answers || Voting/Experience System
Perl Advent Calendar || Writeup Formatting Tips
Perl Monk Approved HTML tags || What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
pmdev's Task Lister || Site Editor Requests
cblast35 || Aids to Learning Perl
Orders of Monks || Outside Links
power users|| gods
SiteDocClan || editors
Most Visited Nodes || PerlMonks FAQ
Perl Monks' PM Webs(off-site well,kinda) || PmDev HowTo
Full Page Chat || Message Inbox
Your XP by Node || The Worst Nodes

Informative User Nodes

Link Formatting(tye's Experimental Node) || tilly's node
Check out broquaint's node and strange cartoon || demerphq takes names
BazB has interesting links || jeffa's list is more personal but still interesting
atcroft has a good list || check with jcwren for a free web account
gmax has interesting links || blokhead(lotsa math stuff)
crouchingpenguin || the liz list
grinder's node || crazyinsomniac's PPM Respository
stepf's very French node || Recommended Modules
adrianh's lists || epoptai offers programs
merlyn's pictures and columns and itinerary || check shockme's node
Want a Bribe from Lori713? || ybiC's got lots of stuff
turnstep's node || mirod's XML:Twig node
cjf || davorg's mungings
vek || Footpad
ZZamboni's PerlMonks Modules || converter's Perl/Tk info
Editor/IDE Consolidation || Albannach
hiseldl's Perl,CGI,DBI&Tk resources || LTjake's journal
naChoZ has stuff || Web Wonk(off-site)
Aristotle's info || jlongino for e-mail
Home Node Updater(jcwren) || PM-Specific Acronyms List(grinder&Theo)
grinder's Perl Monks Snippet Index(PM url) || nysus' Greatest Perl Docs
blakem's Fastest Rising Monks et al. || mojotoad's ChatterBox stats(PM url)
tachyon's Simple Module Tutorial || A Guide to Installing Modules
Often Overlooked Object Oriented Programming Guidelines(Ovid) || Damian Conway's ten rules for when to use OO
GreenFox's node picks and stuff || dws' Win32 info
dragonchild's platform differences || VSarkiss' archeological nodes(& cool SH pic)
btrott's nodes and modules || FoxtrotUniform's nodes
Erudil the Flyer || larsen's place
ignatz the Mouse || grep's stuff
Fletch's Perl stuff(off site) || danger's info
Dominus' Perl paraphernalia || footpad's On Reasonable Considerations
Cool Code for your Home Node(BigLug) || ariels' flashing home node
halley's short but good node || stephen's refactorings
CGI Help Guide(tachyon) || tomhukins' list
castaway's 'sites linked to in CB'(off-site) || im2->CB
PM CSS(particle et al) || Rich36
Code::Police(Ovid) || pmdevil's cave(Aristotle)
markjugg's nodes || George_Sherston's Namespace(off-site)
Voting Etiquette || Luke Repwalker
StatsWhore || References Quick Reference(tye)
jdporter's perled Designs
Learning from Obfuscation(flyingmoose) || The True Catacombs of PM(wombat)
Eleven SSH Tricks(off-site) || Common Beginner Mistakes(chromatic)
Perl Programming guidelines/rules(hakkr) || Perl 5 Module List(off-site)
Best Nodes Candidates || My coding guidelines(Abigail-II)
merlyn on Sorting(offsite) || Of Symbol Tables and Globs(broquaint)
gmax's Categorized Best Nodes || scottstef's How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
davido's Perl Quick Ref

A note to the curious(if so ye be). The nodes on this page are the ones I thought interesting and/or informative. I will be listing 'Perl Monk Places' (my nomenclature) and individual Perl Monk nodes that I like. I have also started adding a few other nodes as well. Please let me know of other nodes you think would be a good addition here.

Version: 0.01
P >++(+)c--P6-R->++M O-MA E--PU-BD C
D--S*X WP MO?PP!n!CO--PO!o!G

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