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Re: Friendly home node

by digiryde (Pilgrim)
on Apr 11, 2002 at 03:54 UTC ( #158216=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Friendly home node

Rant on
  • Freedom of speech is not a guarentee on this board, as this board is about a specific topic. It is not about C++, C, Java, Farming, Ship Building or the physics of flight. It is about Perl. Sometimes in the chat room, we get OT in a big way. Some times others in the chat room shut down the OT in their own way. But, as has been mentioned, NodeReaper normally removes the OT comment from the boards. This board is built, managed, and provided at the pleasure of the Owner of the board. Though he is kind enough to allow so many to contribute in a large way.
  • Offensive material can take many forms. How many wars were born of different religious/political views. Each holding the notion that for the betterment of society (or the soul) their ideas are the best. Most of us have a very difficult time seeing issues from the other side of the box. This individual's view is not much different than the views of many millions if not billions of people in this world. I do not have to agree with their views, but I must accept that it is their views. If we do not accept their views (as their views) then things like Sept 11th in the US become not only much more possible, but much more probable.
  • Most people who write about their viewpoints (esp their feelings) present them in a hurried "childish" unreferenced manner. These are feelings, not facts. Teach 2 months in a grade school or middle school, and you will see what I mean. Unfortunately, most people stop developing their communication skills somewhere in this range.
  • I am a US citizen. I have lived in 7 states and travelled in at least 20 more. I have been in Canada many times. I may not be an expert on the world, but I have experienced enough of the US to know that we are a great mix of people, from the dumbest most insulting people you could ever expect to the most gracious uplifting individuals you could ever expect to share time with.
  • I have been forced to listen to hate mongering in many forms and love nurturing in many others. I fear censorship. The real solutions are good educations and good socioeconomic environments. Why? A good education gives people the ability to think rationally about their's and others' situations. A good socioeconomic environment helps prevent the struggle for survival where death is a very real and certain outcome of not triumphing over other people or situations.
  • About keeping this person's node around? As a community, we are already talking about community standards (keeping or getting rid of either way is a standard). As a community we will voice our opinion and maybe it will be enforced and maybe it will not. I would rather have the chance to read an opinion than not have a chance to read an opion even if I find the opinion ignorant and ranting. At least now I have a chance to understand this individual better even if I like them less.
Rant off

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