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My obfuscated "obfuscation code" obfuscator

by nashdj (Friar)
on Jun 04, 2000 at 11:16 UTC ( #16274=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Figure This

This is the little (well actually, much compacted, and obfuscated) script I wrote to generate the encoded data for the japh script you see above.

If you like tossing over obfuscaion in you head, don't start with this, it will probably give away the algorythm too easily. Instead I put it here in case people get stuck, though it is quite a nice example of obfuscation itself, so it might not really be of much help :)
$i='1 '.join(' ',unpack('C'x length($ARGV[0]),$ARGV[0])) ;for (1..length($ARGV[0])){{$_=$i,s\.+? \\,split,($l,$i) ='';$i.=' '.($t=$_-$l),$l=$_ for(@_)}$i=~s/^ //,$o.=$i, $o=~s\ .*\+\;}$_=$o,$_='1+'.join('+',reverse(split(/\++/ ,$_))),s/\+-/-/g;print
Note: This script needs an argument, so either save it to a file and 'perl "just another perl hacker"' or add an extra line at the beginning "$ARGV[0]='just another perl hacker';".

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RE: My obfuscated
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 04, 2000 at 13:42 UTC
    gw nash :)

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