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I think the "taboo" automatically associated with frontpaging one's own node is asinine.

The only "problem" that I can see with it is someone XP whoring. But chances are that if you're worried about other people's votes then you're too caught up in the trappings of the XP system and either need to take a walk outside for a few minutes of fresh, non-Internet air, or concentrate more on the content and function of the site and not the truly meaningless XP system.

Realistically, the Monestary Gates are not being flooded with people frontpaging their own nodes. It happens every now and again. That's not to say that the Monestary Gates aren't being flooded with ill-chosen nodes, but 98% of the time it's not someone frontpaging their own posts.

So, is it "proper etiquette" to beg others in the Chatterbox to frontpage your nodes? I find that more annoying than someone doing it themselves, personally.

And, finally, I found mdillon's post in mothra's thread to be completely inappropriate and disruptive to the continuity of people giving legitimate answers to a legitimate question. If some people have nothing better to do than berate someone for sticking damned good content on the front page, then some people have to re-evaluate why they're even here at all.

Think with your head, not your ego
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