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Sam has it right. File::Find is very fast and efficient. You can see a good example on my website

Neil Watson

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by joshua (Pilgrim) on May 29, 2002 at 17:24 UTC
    Ok, I've decided to use File::Find. When I call the find() function, I get this error.Insecure $ENV{PATH} while running with -T switch at /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/ line 92.So, I decided to add $ENV{PATH} = '/bin:/usr/bin'; to my script. Now, I'm getting this error.Insecure dependency in chdir while running with -T switch at /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/File/ line 467.I noticed in Neil's script, It didn't have the -T switch. Will File::Find just not run in taint mode?