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Very cool. I mean I don't know very well just yet what "foo" or "grep" or "carp" or "croak" mean but still, the Doors rule and it flowed nicely like the song. Sorrily I can only assume most of the terms you put in make sense as you used them but still, I commend your creativity none the less.

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Re: Re: Alabama song (Whiskey bar)
by Sinister (Friar) on May 29, 2002 at 16:02 UTC
    Well, let me help you there...

    "foo" is just a term to specify something... When you hang around longer you'll see a lot of Monks using foo for a variable name like $foo = "bar"
    "bar" is like foo.(eg: $bar = "foo")
    "grep" is a function in perl which will enable you to easily search through lists (and much more once you get the hang of it)
    "carp" and "croak" are also functions in perl, which make perl die (aaaah....)

    So now you know!

    er formait hyarya.
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